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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Underground Filmmaking in the Boonies This Summer

It's one hell of a busy summer for underground filmmaking. For no budget filmmaking. For making truly independent film.

Opal's new award winning documentary short film TITS is taking the film festival world by storm. The new hit short film won top honors in Hollywood last month, winning Best Film at the Sunset Film Festival. And this month, in June alone, screens 4 film festivals worldwide in NYC, Texas, Australia and South Africa.

I just finished shooting 2 brand new short film comedies that are a riot. And can't wait to get them started on the film festival circuit.

Also, writing the poem book. After taking 5 years to get the No Budget Filmmaking book written, this compilation of poems over the last 20 years is taking some time to put together.

All this, and getting ready to start shooting a feature film comedy in Missouri. With no money. True No Budget underground filmmaking.

I love it.

What a underground filmmaking month of June here in the boonies.