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Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm Just An Old Gypsy

I'm just an old gypsy.

It's doesn't get much simpler than that.

Sometimes I feel like I've lived too long. The way things are now...the culture we live in. The times have really changed. Some for the better. But in my my opinion, much more for the worse. Sometimes, I just don't know what country I'm living in.

I'm just an old gypsy.

The way things are now....I'll tell you. Everything I've done. Everyplace I've been. Living all around the country going on 50 years now, experiencing life in different cities, towns, states, cultures, working different jobs, acting, writing, directing, making movies, writing's been something else. Wow.

I'm just an old gypsy.

People I graduated high school with are grandparents and their grandkids are in high school. I can't even imagine having lived a life like that. Being in one town for the last 30 years, working one job and having a family. Damn.

I'm just an old gypsy.

It's been said to take the road less traveled. My life is living proof of that. And I love it.

I'm just an old gypsy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Use Your Experiences To Make Your Movie

You never can get too much experience.

You won't find me knocking education. But I will say this. It amazes me all these young educated people with their advanced degrees who think they know everything about life. But have had no experience in life.

What makes a great artist is using their experiences to tell their story.

A great actor uses his or her experiences to create a great character for performance. That's what method acting is known for. The greats like Brando, DeNiro and Pacino use method acting to bring their experiences to their character's performance to an extreme.

A writer uses his experiences to tell a story that only he can tell.

A good teacher shares his experiences in life to teach his students and have th subject relate to the times.

If you look throughout history, all of the great historical figures have used their experiences to help change the world. Ghandi. Thoreau. Aristotle. Plato. Sophocles. Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King. Shakespeare. Nelson Mandela. Malcolm X. The list goes on. If you search the most famous figures in history, the great ones have taken their experiences in life and used them for the better good.

Use your experiences to make your movie.

Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Going On in Independent Film

Alfre Woodard and Jack Truman
2002 Screen Actor's Guild Protest

I can't stand Hollywood.

Now, when I say I can't stand Hollywood, I don't mean the actual town. When you're in Hollywood, it's pretty cool. And the liberal life is great. And when I say Hollywood, I don't mean the people. There's some neat and alternative people in that town.

When I say I can't stand Hollywood, I mean I can't stand the big Hollywood studios and the big budget movies.

It's easy to flip on your TV and pick a channel that has shows any dummy can think up. I mean, how hard is it to make a show about spoiled rich people and follow them around in their lives? These reality shows are a joke. And most of the TV shows have no originality. It's a reflection of what's playing in your local movie theater. If you go to the movies on a Friday night at your local movie multiplex cinema, out of the 20 movies playing there, you might be lucky to find one movie that has an original story. It's either a big budget sequel, a cartoon movie, a shoot em up action film, or a movie for kids, teens and college kids. The dummies that run the big studios in Hollywood and make the big bucks nowadays are these dumb rich kids that have an MBA, no life experience, and think they know what people want to see. Nothing is further than the truth.

Which is why I love independent film. You want to see a good movie, a good story on film, something original, you have to watch an independent film.

That's all there is to it.

If you're like me, and like to watch the types of films that most people don't, or the types of films that are hard to watch, then you're into independent film too.

Truly independent film, and even underground film, is very cool to watch. And there's a whole world of underground, independent, low budget, micro budget, even no budget movies to watch that put these 100 million dollar movies to shame.

It's easy to find out what's going on in independent film. The news is right at your fingertips.

Every day, I go to Google News and look for the current news stories in independent film. If you go to Google News and type in a search for 'independent film', or even 'underground film', you can find out everything current that's up to the minute on the independent film world. And you don't even have to leave your home. How cool is that?

In fact, I just checked Google News for the news stories for 'underground film' a few minutes ago, and the top story was for the RXSM Film Festival in March, where we'll be screening a block of 6 of our hit short films. So there you go.

It doesn't get more independent and underground than that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where Do I Go From Here

By Jack Truman

I've roamed around this world from town to city life;
I've pretty much done everything I've wanted all my life;
I've got no challenge facing me, no goals I care to clear;
I want to know right now, where do I go from here.

Where do I go from here; I really want to know;
What do you do when you get to a point
When your life is complete, and you don't really care;
I want to know right now, where do I go from here.

Yesterday, I was in the house I've owned for years,
Looking through the memories and pages that I've turned;
I've lived a life one dreams about; been on the stage for years;
And now, this roaming rambler wonders where he goes from here.

Where do I go from here; I really want to know;
What do you do when you get to a point
When your life is complete, and you don't really care;
I want to know right now, where do I go from here.

Today, I've got no plans; nowhere I need to go,
So I hopped in my car and headed down the road;
With no planned destination; unsure about today;
Not knowing where this road went as miles passed away.

Tomorrow's a new day; a time to start anew;
Who knows what it might bring; I don't know what I'll do;
I'll just see where the day takes me as I'm here,
As I drive down this road, I'll see where I go from here.

Where do I go from here; I really want to know;
What do you do when you get to a point
When your life is complete, and you don't really care;
I want to know right now, where do I go from here.

Underground Filmmaking

Anyone can make a movie.

If you're a truly independent filmmaker, you'll find a way to shoot your film and get your movie made.

Underground filmmaking is the way to go. If you use this alternative way to make a film, you'll make your movie and share it with the world.

What's underground filmmaking? How do you do it? Where do I start? There's a world of information out there to help you with this. It's right at your fingertips.

You don't have to go to film school and spend thousands of bucks to make an independent film. Just start by going to Google. Go to Google and type the words 'underground filmmaking'. There's a world of resources and tools waiting for you on the internet. Want to know what's going on in the world with underground filmmaking? Just go to Google News and type in the words 'underground filmmaking'. Shit, I just typed a Google search with the words Underground Filmmaking and over 2 million search results came up. The first one was the encyclopedia definition for Underground Film:

Hell, I just went to Google News and typed in the words Underground Filmmaking, and hundreds of news stories just came up for today.

There's a world of information out there for the taking. You just have to take it, go with it, grab your balls, and jump right in.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Written by Jack Truman

I was driving down the road on a Thursday night
Saw a sign along the way, said 'Auction tonight';
Didn't have a thing to do; had a minute to kill or tow;
So I figured I'd see what they had inside.

When I pulled around the corner to the auction house;
Saw a lot of people sittin' in the front yard;
Saw a hippie on a bench; a lady again a fence;
I reckon an auction brings all types around.

The auction always has a thing or two around;
They say one man's trash is another's treasure found;
It's entertainment for a few; something to do;
The auction tends to make you come around.

Saw a dirty old fella sortin' through some trash;
A little old lady looking through knick knacks;
A guy plugged something in; then he rubbed his chin;
That's about the time the auctioneer stepped in.

He yelled, 'Come on, boys, let's get this thing started;
We got a lot of things to get on through';
The people gathered 'round; a fella picked something off the ground;
That's when the auctioneer said 'give me two'.

The auction always has a thing or two around;
The say one man's trash is another's treasure found;
It's entertainment for a few; something to do;
The auction tends to make you come around.

I heard the bidding go for an hour, then two;
We all made our way inside; and sat there for a few;
The junk, it came and went; money got bid and spent;
That auctioneer, he he knew just what to do.

I couldn't believe the time that passed before my eyes;
A lot of time and pleasure, sitting, hypnotized;
You wouldn't believe the way people carried on;
Laughin' or cussin' about a thing they bid on.

I left the auction late that night; it was dark outside and cold;
I hopped into my truck; and headed down the road.
I thought about the auction, and all the treasures there;
What first seemed like trash had value in each chair.

The auction always has a thing or two around;
The say one man's trash is another's treasure found;
It's entertainment for a few; something to do;
The auction tends to make you come around.

Written by Jack Truman
Copyright Dixie Publishing

Monday, February 18, 2013

Starting This Week Out With A Bang

I love making movies.

When you're an independent filmmaking, when you're a No Budget Moviemaker, it's not that hard to make movies. You just have to take the time to make your movie. And put regular life on hold.

I've got more time than money.

That being said, 2013 is starting out with a bang. And this week is no exception. It's just the first day of the week, and the insanity is kicking in.

PEANUT MAN releasing on DVD. Book signings working for the Spring on the No Budget Film book. Opal's directorial debut film set to explode on the film festival circuit. Pre-production for a new feature film. The web series for WOODY THE REDNECK working. Screenings of PHONE SEX GRANDMA, PEANUT MAN, WOODY THE REDNECK, THE OUTHOUSE, THE 60 YEAR OLD STRIPPER, THE ACCEPTABLE SIN, Opal's new Directing debut film, and more over the next month around the world. And that's just a taste of what's going on this week.

This week is starting out with a bang.

NO BUDGET FILMMAKING or How to be a Well-Known Filmmaker & Be Broke at the Same Time
Written by Jack Truman
Copyright 2013 @ Dixie Publishing
ISBN: 978 – 1 – 300 – 61518 – 7

Friday, February 15, 2013

There's 3 Parts to Making a Movie

Jack Truman, Dan Mirvish and Opal Dockery
Slamdance Film Festival

In my opinion, there's 3 parts to making a movie:

Concept, production, and distribution.

Let's list these 3 parts to making a movie so you have a short list:


These 3 things: Concept, Production and Distribution make up the entire filmmaking process. Plain and simple. Whether a big money studio in Hollywood is making a 100 million dollar movie, or you're making a No Budget movie with a camera and computer. It all comes down tot he same thing. The process is teh same. The only major difference is how much money and how many people are working with you on this process.

That's a lot to do!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to My World of Insanity

Jack Truman and Opal Dockery
2013 Slamdance Film Festival

The insanity never stops.

There's just too much to do. That's what it's like when you're an underground filmmaker and get things done on your own.

Last weekend, I had 2 different films screen coast to coast in Arizona and New Jersey. Saturday, got word that a collection of my films will screen next month in Texas. Worked on projects Sunday and Monday. This morning, got word that a film will screen overseas this Spring.

The insanity continues....

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Routine, Discipline & Making Your Movie

Jack Truman
At the State Burlesque Theater, Canton, Ohio

This has been one hell of a busy week.

There's just too much to do. But I guess that's what happens when you take the bull by the horns, say screw everyone else, and just make what you want to make. After over 7 years of making my own movies, there's no words that explain how it feels right now for films I've made to be screening around the world, having a new book written about making movies that took 5 years in the making, making a new movie, and going insane with non-stop projects.

Welcome to my world of insanity.

If you want to make a movie, you can make your own movie. You can have a world of insanity like I do. It's a lonely, anti-social life 98% of your life. But there's nothing better than exercising your mind first thing in the morning. Creating, making and sharing projects with the world by making statements and opening people's eyes. There's nothing else in the world like it.

To have this world of insanity, and be a success as a well known filmmaker, I've learned a few things over the years:

It helps to have a routine.
You have to have discipline.
And you have to make your movie. No matter what.

I hate routine. That's what most people in life have. A lifetime of the same routine. That's why I've never been able to settle down with one job for 50 years, live in one place all my life, and say that that's it. But if you can work a little routine into your filmmaking, it pays off. Every time I make a routine on a film project, it gets done. And explodes around the world.

Discipline goes hand in hand with routine. We live in a world and culture these days that has no discipline. None. A generation of idiots that grew up on reality shows. A nation of idiots where their parents never instill discipline. And it reflects these idiots that are become adults now, and a generation of dum dums that have no discipline and backbone. As a kid, I went to military school my grade school years. I was in the Army. My grandad was a farmer. I grew up in the days of pencil and paper. If you have discipline, and force yourself to get things done, and not stop until a project is done, you will stand out from the pack. You movie will get made. Your discipline will make your film shine, and get it to be seen around the world.

You have to make your movie. No matter what. Whenever I have a routine and discipline to get a film project done, my movie gets made. I don't let a day job interfere with making my movie. Hell, if you work a 40 hour a week job, the older you get, the more that becomes your life. How can you focus and discipline yourself to make a movie? Sometimes you have to say 'screw it'. 'Fuck it'. Throw the security out the window. Grab ahold of your balls, take a shot and dive into your project. Hell, if you take a few months out of your life and just focus on getting a movie made, you can get a movie made. You can always get a job. You can always live a regular life. How many people do you know have made a movie on their own? That answers that question. We're a rare breed. Come and join the club.

Routine, discipline and making your movie. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

Written by Jack Truman
Copyright Dixie Publishing
ISBN: 978 - 1 - 300 - 61518 - 7

Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Hell of a Busy Filmmaking Week

Director Jack Truman
At the California State Line

This is one hell of a busy week.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

There's just not enough time in the day to get everything done. When you're a true independent filmmaker, and you do underground filmmaking, it's very rewarding to know that there's an audience waiting for your films.

This year started out with a bang in January. And February is kicking off in full gear. Here's just a sample of what's been going on this week:

Edited Opal's directorial debut, and mailed the film out to 12 new film festivals. Can't wait to see which one has the balls to screen her shocking new documentary film. Tomorrow night, we have film screenings coast to coast: PEANUT MAN screens in New Jersey at the Kidz Film Festival, and PHONE SEX GRANDMA screens in Arizona at the Bloody Hero Film Festival. You can't get more extreme and diverse than that as a filmmaker and an artist. From an educational kid's film to a raunchy adult comedy. I love it. This week, our new hit short films WOODY THE REDNECK and PEANUT MAN are being released on DVD. Yesterday, we sent out screeners to 35 film festivals that requested invite screeners of a variety of our hit films. Working on a new feature film to begin pre-production. Today, we'll be releasing a new web series episode of WOODY THE REDNECK on Youtube, Funny or Die and Blip TV. The WOODY web series is based off the hit short film. What else? I've got 3 writing projects I've been working on daily....the new No Budget Film book is launching on the internet....What else? My brain's a blank right now. So much to do. So little time.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

And there's still 3 days left in the week.

I love making movies.

Underground filmmaking. True independent moviemaking. The life of a no budget filmmaker. Priceless.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

True Filmmaking: Using Blogs & V-logs to Help Make a No Budget Film

Jack Truman & Opal Dockery
2012 Nevada Film Festival
Best Experimental Film, WOODY THE REDNECK

You have to get an audience for your movie.

It's easy to make a movie with no money. But it does take time and work. A big bulk of your moviemaking will consist of you making an audience for your movie. As an indie filmmaker, you have to wear many hats. You have to be creative, while always thinking outside of the box to find ways of building an audience for your no budget or low budget or micro-budget movie.

Create a film blog for your No Budget movie. Film some short 2 to 3 minute episodes of you talking interview style to the camera discussing your film. Make about 5-8 short interviews and create a short video blog interview web series online promoting your film. There's websites like Youtube and Blip TV that are free to join and create a free web series. With each episode, you can have a link attached to the site where people can go and buy your film. You never know. Your web series could generate thousands, even millions of views. Think about all those people that you're reaching who are finding out about your film.

Make a Podcast. Along with Film V-Logs, podcasts are another great way to share your film. A podcast is like a radio audio broadcast; like a radio show. People make podcasts about all kinds of subjects. You can too. Go to the internet and create a Podcast for your film. Have one day a week that you do a radio show promoting your film. It's a free and easy way to build an audience for your project. And a lot of fun. You can get really creative with this.

These are just a couple of creative ways to help you with your filmmaking journey to build an audience for your movie.

Make your movie.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Real Underground Filmmaking: Building Your Network

Jack Truman and Robert Forster
2002 Screen Actor's Guild Event

Do you want to make a movie? If so, there's one thing you need to do from the beginning to the end of making your movie and sharing it with the world:

Build your network.

If you want anyone to see your no budget movie, you have to build your network. If you don't do that, no one will see your film.

How do you build your network? It comes down to this: you must get people to like you. You must fin people who want to work with you. You must network. There is an art to networking. It's not just something you can do on a computer.

Self-promotion and self-networking builds your network for your movie as a no budget filmmaker. By finding people you want to work with, it makes it easier for you to make your movie.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Anyone Can Make a Movie

Director/Filmmaker Jack Truman & Writer/Star Opal Dockery
The River's Edge Film Festival

Anyone can make a movie.

Yes, you heard that right. Anyone can make a movie.

Are you just as smart as anyone? Take the dumbest person you ever met in your life. Out of all the people you've come across in your life. Try to think of the least intelligent person you've ever come across. Are you thinking about them right now? Do you picture them in your mind?

That idiot you're thinking about can make a movie.

Take it from someone who's been in this business for over 25 years. You don't need money. You don't even need to know how this business works. If you have an idea, or a story to tell, you can make that idea or story into a movie and share it with the world.

With no money.

Title: NO BUDGET FILMMAKING or How to be a Well-Known Filmmaker & Be Broke at the Same Time
Written by Jack Truman
Copyright 2013 @ Dixie Publishing
ISBN: 978 – 1 – 300 – 61518 – 7 

Friday, February 1, 2013

How to Make a Movie With No Money

Director Jack Truman & Star/Writer Opal Dockery
Florida Film Festival
Florida Premiere of THE OUTHOUSE



Burbank, California - Anyone can make a movie. With no money. And be a well-known filmmaker.

Moviemaking is entering a new era with digital film. With technology rapidly changing, it's getting easier than ever for aspiring filmmakers to make movies on their own.

Learn how to make a movie with No Budget and become known around the world as a successful filmmaker. Jack Truman shares valuable tips, tools, secrets and valuable information on how to get your movie made by yourself outside the Hollywood circles – from starting with an idea for a movie to selling your award-winning hit film around the world after a successful film festival run.


How to make your movie from concept, through production and distribution with just a camera and a computer
Ways to make your movie with no money
The best way to make your movie outside of Hollywood
How to get cameras, equipment, cast and crew at no cost
How to avoid paying entry fees at film festivals
How to create a buzz for your film when it starts playing festivals
The best ways to share your film around the world
Ways to make money with your movie

And more!

An informative, alternative, out-of-the-box reference book for the film industry, NO BUDGET FILMMAKING covers a wide range of tips and tools: from proven filmmaking techniques, valuable industry resources, and more, this book guides the aspiring filmmaker from concept to distribution on the film festival circuit, and beyond. A must-have resource for anyone who needs help with making a low budget film on their own, NO BUDGET FILMMAKING is a breakthrough book for the next generation of filmmakers.

Author Jack Truman is an award-winning filmmaker and 25 year veteran of stage and film. A former professor at Texas A&M University, Truman has also appeared in several television series and major motion pictures. His film directorial debut, the award-winning hit cult short film PHONE SEX GRANDMA premiered at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival. Combined, Truman's films have screened at over 300 film festivals worldwide to date. Jack was on the Short Film Jury at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Title: NO BUDGET FILMMAKING or How to be a Well-Known Filmmaker & Be Broke at the Same Time
Written by Jack Truman
Copyright 2013 @ Dixie Publishing
ISBN: 978 – 1 – 300 – 61518 – 7

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