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Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 Weeks After Sundance and Slamdance in Park City

Well, the Park City madness has come and gone. It's been 3 weeks now since the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals have graced our presence to start out 2012. I'm back home, working on projects. Sick as a dog, fighting off the Park City cold/flu/etc. bug that's normally received while there. And fueling my creativity.

Got a lot to do. Wish I could clone myself. But I can't. When you make your own movies your own way, you only have so much time in the day. It would be great give up some of this control for some money. But until the paycheck comes, I will have total control.

That's the great thing about making movies. Everyone has a story to tell. Anyone can make a movie. There's an audience out there for every story. You just have to have the balls to make it.

Being on the Film Jury at Slamdance last month really fueled my creativity. Now I'm on an obsessive, neurotic mission to get these projects made. It starts with this feature film documentary. And the rest will just have to sit in my back pocket for now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Top Super Bowl Ads: From an Underground Filmmaker's View

I couldn't believe it yesterday.

My, how the times have changed. Remember when we used to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials? And how the ads put the game to shame? Well, not this year. From an underground independent filmmaker's view, in a nutshell, the Super Bowl ads this year sucked. Big time. No other way to put it. Actually, to be honest, I thought the game turned out to be a darn good one.

But I always tune in for the Super Bowl ads.

The bright spots from the Super Bowl commercials were few and far between. But in my opinion, 3 commercials stood out. And, ironically, all three ads starred dogs. Yes, dogs. I'm not making this up. The dogs stole the show last night in Super Bowl 46; in my opinion.

Here are my top Super Bowl ad picks from last night:

Actually, I had a tie for Second place. But ties don't stick. So after hashing out second and third place, here's the rankings:

#3: Sketchers: Go Run Mr Quiggley:

#2: Bud Light: Rescue Dog - Here WeGo:

And my top Number One pick for the 2012 Super Bowl Ads goes to:

Doritos, hands down...titled Man's Best Friend:

The top 3 Super Bowl ads, from an Underground Filmmaker's view...

Park City 2012: Slamdance and Sundance Madness: From a Film Juror's Perspective

The Park City madness for 2012 was insane, fun and unforgettable.

This time around, instead of having a film play there, I was a Film Juror. It was a blast being on the Short Film Jury. Great films, good friends, and cool times. Too much to write about in one blog. But as an underground filmmaker, I must give my top film picks from the festival:

In this humble film juror's opinion.....

Best Feature Film: HEAVY GIRLS, directed by Axel Ranisch, Anne Baeker, producer

Best Short Film: DEAF BLIND, directed by Ewan Bailey

Best Animated Short Film: VENUS, directed by Tor Fruergaard

Honorable Mentions go to feature films OK, Good directed by Daniel Martinco, starring Hugo Armstrong; COMFORTING SKIN, directed by Derek Franson, starring Victoria Bidewell; and the short films LITTLE HORSES, directed by Levi Abrino; I AM JOHN WAYNE, directed by Christina Choe; and PARK, directed by Liz Cambron.

Good films. It felt great this year helping other filmmakers with their movies, and paying it forward. Slamdance rocks.

I do have to say....Park City is nothing like it used to be. When I first started going there seven years ago with my first films playing there, it had a cool indie feel to it. Underground. Independent. True times for the independent filmmaker. This year, it was so 'L.A.', if you know what I mean. Clickity click. Snooty snoot. People thinking they're shit doesn't stink. And I'm talking about the Sundance crowd. Thank God Slamdance stays to their indie roots. But the times, they are definitely a'changin'....

Stay tuned for more stories from Park City: 8 days of madness, insanity, fun and cool times. More to come....