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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Busy Times for Underground Filmmaking

What a Summer.

And this week, fall begins.

It's been some time since I've been able to write anything. So much going on.

Our 2 new short films are taking the independent film world by storm. DOCKERY & SON had it's World Premiere in Arizona back in January; and has screened over 20 film festivals worldwide so far this year. This weekend, it's screening in Birmingham at the Sidewalk Film Festival.

Our newest film, the documentary short film HOLLYWOOD GALS had its World Premiere the beginning of this month in Iowa at the Snake Alley Film Festival and won Runner Up, Best Documentary Film. This month, it's screened festivals in Iowa, Oregon and Indiana. Next month, HOLLYWOOD GALS screens in California; DOCKERY & SON in California; THE ACCEPTABLE SIN at 2 festivals in India; and October and November has screenings already lining up for our films!!! Screenings already lined up in Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma and India. With more to come.

Last week, we got HOLLYWOOD GALS off to Sundance. And weekly, receive about 15 to 20 invitations from film festivals from around the world to submit our films.

I love being a truly independent underground filmmaker.

Here's a partial list of film festivals we're screening at from this month until November:


HOLLYWOOD GALS - Snake Alley Film Festival - Iowa
HOLLYWOOD GALS - Portland Rising Film Festival - Oregon
HOLLYWOOD GALS - Middlecoast Film Festival - Indiana
DOCKERY & SON - Sidewalk Film Festival - Alabama


HOLLYWOOD GALS - Joshua Tree Film Festival - California
THE ACCEPTABLE SIN - Voices From the Waters Festival - India
THE ACCEPTABLE SIN - Int'l Film Fest of Shimla - India


TITS - Post Alley Film Festival - Washington
HOLLYWOOD GALS - Portland Rising Film Festival - Oregon


HOLLYWOOD GALS - Eyecatcher Film Festival - Oklahoma
THE ACCEPTABLE SIN - Cineframe - India

And here's just a taste of what else has happened in 2015:

DOCKERY & SON has screened film festivals in Louisiana, Arizona, California, Alabama, New York, Mississippi, Albania, and Tirana

TITS has screened in Albania and the UK

THE ACCEPTABLE SIN has screened festivals in Los Angeles and the UK

PHONE SEX GRANDMA, THE OUTHOUSE and WOODY THE REDNECK have screened film festivals in Los Angeles

What a year. And it's only August.

It's amazing what you can do as a filmmaker when you have no money.

By Jack Truman: